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Tow Pants on fire or Failure to Launch.

You know what I did last night? Went to a comedy night with the ladies. I adore these women. I have the best friends ever.

But before that I called my dad and explained him once again why I don't have a boyfriend. When people at home will ask about me, he can tell the story with the fashion designer. That's right, I'm talking about you. I told him how we met in the airport. End of August was it? And I told him how I knew you were lying all this time. You know what my dad said?

- Ioana, you never know what he has been through. You don't know his past or the way his ex was. Don't be mean to him.

- I wasn't, dad. I was always polite. But I have my limits.

- I'm sorry, Ioana. But you know people lie, we've been over this. Remember the day with the...

He tried to make a joke but I was furios so he added:

- You can move on now. At least you know he's not good for you.

- I know, but to what extend? I'm so tired of all this lying. I wanna get a dog and call it a life.

We then proceed to talk about his dog, but I could hear the sadness in his voice. I know he was upset, but he was trying to cheer me up. So I played along, I pretended I'm over it. He made another joke and we both laughed, but he hung up the phone wishing I won't give up on love; I hung up the phone wishing I wouldn't have told him the recurring story. It's the same story, in the end, just the characters change.

I'm tired and I don't get it. I really don't. I've been on so many dates and I've heard so many lies, that sometimes I think nothing can surprise me. But here we are again, a man in his thirties trying to manipulate a woman just to get laid. I find it pathetic. You know why? Because I don't understand how you can be proud because you (might have) tricked someone into having sex with you. So you can tell your friends you scored? It's "trick or treat", not "trick and treat", my dear. Why don't you tell me about the big city life and all the sex you've had in US? Please tell me about all these women that you blew away. And I'm gonna tell you why I find your approach pathetic.

Maybe one day I will explain you why I knew you were lying. Maybe one day I will tell you why I never said yes to going out late at night. But I'm so angry with you right now, that I want to punch you in the face. In your pretty face. You want to know why? Because we talked on the phone and I was so honest with you...I was so vulnerable. You heard me cry when talking about my ex. I told you about my other ex who got married in the same place we wanted to get married. I told you how I have trust issues and you choose to treat me like this? Why? What's with all the lying? When I was brutally honest with you.

When you said we will take it slowly and I'm more than a pretty face, I trusted you. But I guess I was another woman whose "style you can change". Another woman to play with. You know what? Think whatever you want and act according to your values. But believe me when I say: if you ever insult my intelligence again, I'm gonna punch you in the face.

Best of luck in your future endeavours. You'll never gonna see me naked.



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