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Tow The therapist or A book I didn't finish reading.

Our first date was during the Festival of Lights, after I had dinner with a friend of mine. Italian food. Yummm. My friend wished me "good luck" and I responded "good luck to you too", agreeing to write a short sms after we're both home. She was thinking about walking around Berlin with her guy and I thought it was a great idea for a first date.

So I suggested this to my guy. He agreed, as the weather was still nice. (October was amazing this year!) We talked for three hours. This wasn't the regular date "What do you do for a living? Where are you from? What's your favourite color?" No, sir. We had deep and meaningful conversation - he talked about Japan, he told me how he wrote a book when he was a student and promised I could get a copy. We talked about past relationships and Sicily, we talked about our families and we talked about food. We both laughed when he said he loves to cook and I responded that I love to eat. It was a perfect match! Ooooh, and he is Italian... So we could talk in Italian! I mean, he could talk and I could...well...just listen. I love the Italian language. "Guarda la luna. Guarda le stelle. Guarda tutte le cose belle."

I started reading the book from the picture and I asked my Italian guy what he thinks about some facts. He - because he's a therapist - said that he needs to have the whole context, as he doesn't want to give an opinion based on my opinion. So I was happy to discuss this after we both have finished reading the book. I was excited. He was too. We both love books.

He texted me the next days, we wanted to meet for a concert - but he got stuck at work. Then he asked me to meet the next weekend, I had plans with the ladies. I invited him to another concert, he had friends visiting. It was a polite exchange of invitations that lasted almost one month. But somehow there was no second date.

And while some of you might think I shouldn't have bothered texting again, I did ask him how things are going. He never replied and it's been around four days. And although I would have liked to be friends (at least), I know I did my part. I made three steps towards him and he only made two. And that's all right.

What bothers me is the fact that I don't remember his last name - so there's no way I could search his book - and I didn't finish this one. I have some questions I couldn't find answers to. Harissa could explain it all, but I don't know her last name. Nor we have any common friends. Schade, oder?

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